Yogscast Musical

  • So, Ceranovis and I were talking... And this happened. Thought I'd share.
  • Ceranovis: mmm
  • Ceranovis: I'm just imagining a yogs musical
  • Ceranovis: I bet it'd look a lot like Grease for some reason
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles laughs!
  • Sunshine Skittles: I don't think it would be so bad thought to be honest
  • Sunshine Skittles: You'd just have to be very careful with musical choices
  • Sunshine Skittles: I mean
  • Sunshine Skittles: People love diggy diggy hole
  • Sunshine Skittles: XD
  • Sunshine Skittles: Or How do I craft this again
  • Sunshine Skittles: Or modding api
  • Sunshine Skittles: :P
  • Ceranovis: It wouldn't HAVE to be bad. But. I just want it to be like on the same level of that one vid they did where Xephos was dressed as riker with a fake beard and all that
  • Ceranovis: Because yogscast
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles snickers.
  • Ceranovis: Oh man, just imagine Rythian having like an over-dramatic solo
  • Ceranovis: Or Strife
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles laughs!
  • Sunshine Skittles: (heart)
  • Ceranovis: They've both got such deep voices
  • Sunshine Skittles: Strife has an evil business man song
  • Ceranovis: asjhsioldfhs
  • Sunshine Skittles: But spends it planting flowers
  • Sunshine Skittles: and petting animals
  • Sunshine Skittles: :)
  • Sunshine Skittles: LOL
  • Sunshine Skittles: Kelsey said it would be like the villain in the muppets movie
  • Sunshine Skittles: tex richman
  • Ceranovis: hehe
  • Sunshine Skittles: I picture rythians being very brooding
  • Sunshine Skittles: But like...
  • Ceranovis: Rythian pulls out the smoke machiens and all
  • Sunshine Skittles: the sun keeps ruining the dark atmospher...
  • Sunshine Skittles: or a rainbow shows up behind him and he just cuts off mid song. "Oh come on!"
  • Ceranovis: Zoey is on the rainbow
  • Sunshine Skittles: (heart)
  • Sunshine Skittles: Brief flash/uber zoom to her and the nyan cat song
  • Ceranovis: lol
  • Sunshine Skittles: Parv has the true villain song
  • Sunshine Skittles: And its oddly sexy
  • Ceranovis: yeaaah
  • Sunshine Skittles: and makes you want to do horrible things
  • Sunshine Skittles: ...
  • Sunshine Skittles: And like there is a cut at the end staged just after the song of him and will in bed together... because will just couldn't stop himself
  • Ceranovis: sfnkldnzv
  • Ceranovis: PLEASE
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles giggles.
  • Ceranovis: Evil seducer Parv is my favourite thing ok?
  • Sunshine Skittles: Oh yeah
  • Sunshine Skittles: Evil seducer parv
  • Sunshine Skittles: I always picture that parv coming out
  • Sunshine Skittles: only when he's high on blood magic
  • Ceranovis: mmm
  • Sunshine Skittles: And its dangerous and I love it
  • Sunshine Skittles: Lying sings a lullaby that somehow sounds absolutely terrifying
  • Ceranovis: Dangerous men with smooth words are the best kind of awful
  • Sunshine Skittles: Oh yes
  • Sunshine Skittles: Oh yes please
  • Sunshine Skittles: Kirin has a tiny song from before he changed his affinity "rain rain... go away..."
  • Ceranovis: daaaw
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sunshine Skittles giggles.
  • Sunshine Skittles: Honeydew, xephos, and lalna will be our "heros"
  • Ceranovis: 3 stooges, more like
  • Sunshine Skittles: Xephos has this big song about bravery or somethign and its just ruined by honeydew falling on him just at a big impressive part of something. Oh. Digging up from the ground under him.
  • Ceranovis: hehe
  • Sunshine Skittles: Lalna gets to be the opening number singing about science and all the good stuff it can do, but with some lyrics that make you tip your head and be like "did he just" because he mentioned something evil you could do with science, and at the end there is a "minor" explosion
  • Sunshine Skittles: I feel... Like this should be shared with the fandom...
  • Sunshine Skittles: Because its beautiful
  • Sunshine Skittles: Hat films: "Anything you can do I can do better"
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sips is singing about dirt and it turns strangely sexual near the end and you wonder how much he loves soil
  • Sunshine Skittles: Kirin has a reprise at the very end, like an after credits thing "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain~"
  • Sunshine Skittles: Sjin sings the sad love sick song
  • Ceranovis: I love anything you can do. perfect.
  • Ceranovis: Sips sings about dirt and then Sjin joins in and it gets dirt-y
  • Sunshine Skittles: ^That




chemical reaction

*how to spawn demons: a beginner’s guide to chemistry


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uh, so I heard Hat Films were Team Rocket…

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Soooo true.

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is this a disney movie

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A preview of the thing. Not official Yogs, just messin’ around!

Dat Swagger~



A preview of the thing. Not official Yogs, just messin’ around!

Dat Swagger~

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Practising faces with my favourite duo. Photobooth fun!

Such cuteness <3


FOR SCIENCE - Can You Roll Your Tongue?


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